How to Impress Asian Women

Here are ways you can impress Asian women!

Translate your English name

Specifically, this is only applicable when you’re dating Chinese women. An estimated less than one percent of China’s population speak English. Before you come up with topics to impress a girl on chat, especially when she’s from China, make sure you know your name in Chinese characters and introduce yourself to her with that! It’s not really necessary, but it’s better making the effort when you really aim to impress her.

Really, learn some common phrases in her language

Set yourself apart from other white men who just talk English. Saying your compliments (or just about anything) in her language will impress her. It doesn’t hurt learning just simple words and phrases in her language.

Learn about her dating culture and norm

Asians tend to be conservative,so normally, they shy away from expressing affection to their partners in the public. If you’re finally meeting her, woo her in the Asian way. A peck in the cheek or a little holding of hands will do.

Learn about her culture, in general

Aside from learning tidbits of her language, make an effort to learn generally about her culture as well. Asian countries are very different from each other. Say you’re dating a Thai girl — Thai people are known for their smile and gentleness. Dating one, you need to show more of your courteous side. It may be easier said than done for it’s easy to forget being mindful about what you speak and how you act. But do come up as a nice guy. A Thai woman is very particular about a man’s attitude.

Visit her hometown

Have you been chatting with her for some time now? If so, isn’t it about time you take things further? Especially when you can already say for certain that the two of you really connect even if just virtually.

Respect her beliefs, values, and ways

Asians are generally family-oriented. While the Westerners value independence, Asian people value their families way more. They make efforts to ensure their families stay intact. And this closeness doesn’t just apply to immediate family, but also the extended ones as well.

Impressing her is key to winning her heart

If you seriously want to impress your Asian date, try following these tips. But for better success in impressing Asian women, especially if they’re from the countries not mentioned, try researching country-specific cultures and traditions for you to take note!



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