How to Know You’re Bullied in Your Relationship

1. They talk down on you.

A partner who looks down on you also talks in the same manner. For them, you’re way below their level. Regardless of whether they’re pleading for a favor or simply asking a question, they don’t know how to talk nicely at all.

2. They always play the blame game.

Blaming is not healthy. All it does is put stress on the other person, making them believe they’re incompetent, weak, and inexperienced to fulfill their role in the relationship. And that could be you.

3. They easily criticize you.

Your partner will babble about all of their frustrations, disappointments, and animosity towards you instead of looking deeply into the problem. If they’re furious about something, they’ll most likely attack you by saying, “What did you do this time? Just what is it about you that you keep doing the wrong thing?”

4. They sound terrifying, even when talking to others.

If your partner can barely afford to be kind to strangers, how much more to you?

5. They are so full of themselves.

It’s a problem when you’re with someone who thinks they can do nothing wrong. Their overly inflated sense of ego can and will always affect the health of your relationship, as well as you.



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